Virtual Racing

What’s new? The exciting augmented reality experience adds a new dimension to the game. You can get a 360-degree view and explore different angles of the racecourse using the super marker. What’s more? A 3D-experience with zoom in-zoom out functionality awaits you too. Print the marker here to trigger your experience.

Boost your Buggy

Head to the Garage and use the points earned to enhance your buggy by changing its color, adding stickers and turbo-charging its performance. The more points you use, the faster the buggy gets, and higher will be your chances of breaking the record of racing time.

Note: Each racetrack will have a separate buggy, i.e. the points utilized on Bueno Canyon’s Buggy cannot be carried forward on Wild Jungle’s Buggy. Remember, every racetrack unlocks a new contest.

How to earn points:

  • Every race earns you 10 points.
  • Break your own record of racing time and earn 90 points.
  • Drive through the Kinder elements along the track and earn 2 points per element.
  • Challenge your Facebook friends and earn 100 points for every challenge you win.